Construction Services

Exterior Structure


  • Installation and repair of flat and pitched roof
  • Concrete, brick, and stucco work
  • Vinyl siding
  • Limestone and stone and brick work
  • Water proofing
  • Side walk and black top paving
  • Installation of all gutters, leaders, catches, and drains.

Interior Structure


  • Replacement of beams and ties
  • Steel lentils
  • I-beams
  • Headers
  • Plywood sub floors to level
  • Shim and tie floors
  • Columns and footing



  • Installation of steam and hot water heating systems and boilers
  • Installation of HVAC heating & cooling systems
  • Repair and annual maintenance of heating systems
  • Installation or hot water heaters & coils
  • Repair and replacement of all heating controls, and return lines
  • Diagnostic and repair of all electrical and computer heating components.
  • Installation of radiant heating



  • Complete electrical system
  • New main service from Con Edison
  • New service panel, and meters
  • New sub panel, risers, and apartment panels
  • New BX wiring, breakers, and points
  • Repair of all electrical wiring, and points



  • Roughing and setting of new plumbing for bathrooms kitchens, and risers
  • Repair and or replacement of all water, waste, vent, and gas lines, valves, fittings, and fixtures.
  • Installation of new water mains, taps, and water main cut off valves
  • Installation of new sewer house traps, sewer lines, and city connections
  • Installation of sprinkler systems
  • Installation of water meters, and sub water meters

Low Voltage


  • Installation of door bell systems
  • Installation of intercom systems
  • Installation of hard wire smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Installation of fire alarm systems
  • Installation of video surveillance
  • Installation of cable and telephone lines

Interior Modeling


  • Framing metal or wood
  • Sheet rocking
  • Chicago bar systems
  • Insulation systems, sprayed, blown, boards, or rolled
  • Interior doors, and door openings solid core, hollow core, architectural doors
  • Installation of moldings, ceiling, crown, picture rail, chair rail, wainscoting, baseboard, corner round
  • Installation of finished floors, ceramic, tile, wood, vinyl, or carpet
  • Plaster, sand, two coats of prime and two coats finish of Benjamin Moore paint
  • Mold and Mildew resistant paint to all kitchens and bathrooms
  • Sealing and caulking of all kitchen and bathroom seams
  • Grouting of all tile work

Windows & Doors


  • Installation of entry door and door systems, wood, or Metal
  • Installation of windows, stock, semi custom, and full custom
  • Installation of sky lights and roof hatch
  • Repair and installation of all exterior capping
  • Installation of window and door metal security bars
  • Installation of widow and door locks, handles, and hinges
  • Repair and replacement of all window and door parts

Bathrooms & Kitchens


  • Gutting and demolition of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Layout and design of new bathroom and kitchen utilizing the most real estate, the latest products and energy efficiency
  • Installation of HUD & HPD approved kitchen cabinets and plywood counter-tops
  • Installation of all kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and vanities
  • Installation of shower systems
  • Installation of direct vent systems
  • Installation of all kitchen and bathroom trim
  • Grouting, caulking and sealing of all seems
  • Installation and testing of all kitchen appliances


 My company also provides the following services: 

  • Lead paint violations removed and abated
  • Asbestos removed and abated
  • Mold remediation
  • All NYC HPD, DOH, DOB, ECB & DOB violations addressed and corrected
  • Demolition and rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of basements, attics, and garages
  • Complete expediting of all legal requirements and documents
  • Architectural plans, permits and notices
  • We offer complete property management services

All our work is performed to NYC code and to industry standards. I am fully licensed and insured in the State of NY.

Since  1991, I have worked in thousands of private homes, private institutions and government institutions. Some of the government Institutions Yossi Stern Construction has worked for are: 

  • HPD: Department. of Housing Preservation & Development
  • DEP: Deptartment of Environmental Protection
  • DOH: Department of Health
  • DOC: Department of Design & Construction
  • And many others...

What sets us apart from many other contractors & home repair companies is as follows: 

  • We triage the client's needs based on (a) Structural conditions (b) Hazardous conditions (c) Violations (d) Repairs (e) Cosmetic upgrade
  • We plan each project to meet the interests, concerns and budget of the client, at the same time I will follow my professional standards, offer my opinions and guidance to insure the project is not mismanaged, or the goals of the project lost
  • We design each project to insure maximum output of space and minimal loss of space, and deliver a professional appealing design for an end product
  • We shop at many different vendors, either locally or on the web, for the latest products in quality, technology, design, and cost
  • With each project, I will follow a color palette to insure a nice flow and design that appeals to the eye
  • Daily clean-up and overview with the client of the day's goals and progress
  • We prepare a cost-friendly proposal specific to my client's needs
  • Our goal is to insure we are not called back for the work we performed and to make sure the client will be more than happy to refer us to a friend

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me