Real Estate Rentals & Sales

Property Rentals


  • Market your vacant apartments
  • Full background checks on perspective tenants
  • Meet & great with prospective tenants
  • Walk-throughs & showings of apartments
  • Prepare apartment for new tenant

Property Sales


  • Study your property for market value
  • Prepare & stage property for sales & marketing
  • Negotiate with buyers & sellers
  • Offer all 3rd party services such as real estate attorneys, appraisals, title search, banking & financing


Real Estate Management

It our pleasure to offer you our services in Real Estate & Property Management. Our company has been in business since 1991. We have extensive experience in every aspect of Real Estate Management. As you will see we are a full service team that encompasses many interests and responsibilities of day to day management, and long term Real Estate holdings, residential sales & apartments for rent .

  • Rent Collections.
  • Analyzing current rent rolls.
  • Increasing rents with DHCR.
  • Addressing arrears.
  • Aggressively collecting arrears.
  • Marketing apartment to market rents of greater.
  • Increasing value of apartment to obtain greater rents.
  • Investigating DHCR for maximum legal rent.
  • Addressing tenant issues & complaints.
  • Ordering & scheduling repairs.
  • Addressing hazardous conditions for repair.
  • Maintaining proper lighting in all common areas.
  • Maintaining security & surveillance in all common areas.
  • Providing doorman.
  • Providing porter service.
  • Providing on staff security.
  • Providing on staff maintenance.
  • Addressing security concerns.
  • Installation of all legal notices & signs in common area.
  • Installing all legal signs in apartments.
  • Insure all apartments & common areas are HPD, DOB, HUD & DOH ready.
  • Filing of all HPD, DOB, HUD & DOH notices.
  • Provide all tenants with proper annual legal notices.
  • Provide all legal inspecitions (ex. boiler inspection).
  • Review of all utilities for accuracy price.
  • Address & payment of all utilities.
  • Provide access for all utility readings.
  • Review of all the liability and hazard insurance.
  • Maintaining all proper insurances.
  • Addressing all legal matters with L&T attorney. (Hold over, non pay, sublets, vandals, squatters, etc.).
  • Strategize each case for efficient & expeditious results.
  • Preparing & delivery of all necessary evidence, documents to attorney for court.
  • Daily & weekly overview of each court proceedings.
  • Responding to court when necessary.
  • Reviewing & addressing all DOH, DOB, HPD & HUD violations.
  • Scheduling repairs of all violations.
  • Filing the corrections of all violations with appropriate agency.
  • Requesting dismissal of all violations.
  • Filing for lead exemptions.
  • Schedule daily & weekly rotation of cleaning of common areas.
  • Monitor superintendent's activity for productivity.
  • Set up of vendor for supplies.
  • Negotiate with vendors for aggressive pricing.
  • Monitoring of supplies for loss & availability.
  • Maintaining all income & expenses thru a proprietary checking account.
  • Maintaining an escrow account of accumulated savings through earnings.
  • Drawing corporate documents & filings as necessary (ex. LLC).
  • Focus goal of apartments to destabilization.
  • Apply for tax shelters, rebates, & abatements, such as MCI, J51, etc.
  • Through specific enhancements of the property, we will greatly add value to the property. (Ex. main entrance, common hallways, apartment entry doors, awnings, etc.)
  • Work with brokers & agents to list vacant properties.
  • Prepare apartments & property or showings.
  • Prepare & provide tenant screening & background checks.
  • Snow removal & salt application.

Scheduled maintenance of: 

  • Sewer cleaning
  • Energy saving light-bulb replacement
  • Gutter & leader cleaning
  • Yard & roof drain cleaning
  • Oil on circulating pumps
  • Maintenance & adjustments of hot water system
  • Maintenance of boiler system
  • Check all common door lock mechanisms
  • Check each apartment for leaks & running water
  • Check all radiator valves & air valves
  • Check all window screens, child guards, window stops & locks
  • Check all smoke & carbon detectors
  • Check expiration of fire extinguishers
  • Check fire escape for durability
  • Check chimney & spill switch
  • Annual notices to all tenants
  • Lease renewals

Bi-annual overview of property & management for maximum efficiency & profits.

Daily, weekly, monthly & annual reports reviewed, prepared, & delivered via phone, fax, messenger and/or FedEx.

The above list is a general scope of our Real Estate Management services. We will be more than happy to customize a management package for you based on your individual needs.

Note: All supplies, materials, broker fees, & all costs of goods & services are above the management fees.

Note: All legal matters & expediting services will be handled thru one of our many law firm affiliates, & are billed separately.

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Please review our list of services, should you have any questions, feel free to call contact us. We are looking forward to meeting with you.

Ready to serve,

Yossi Stern & the Management Team